The CBCOG has staffed a Homeland Security Advisory Committee (HSAC) since October 2001. This committee has considered a variety of matters including: first responder needs, mass fatality response, regional mutual aid response, credentialing of emergency responders, interoperable communication, a review of Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA) for the State Homeland Security Strategies, regional response team training, the process of continued emergency management planning in the region, grant cooperation and opportunities.  

The CBCOG staff and HSAC maintain the Coastal Bend Regional Response Plan and regional efforts in emergency management planning were made possible through a grant from the DHS through the Office of the Governor Texas, Public Safety Office, Homeland Security Grants Division. These funds provided support in the update of annexes in regional/local emergency plans and several disaster drills/responses annually.

CBCOG Managed a Region Wide Mutual Aid Agreement that has been approved by the Office of the Attorney General of Texas. Twelve counties and 37 cities have agreements. All but 2 jurisdictions have signed. The remaining 2 are too small to have resources to offer during a disaster. Ninety percent of the jurisdictions are covered by MAA, which consist of 99.5% of the CBCOG population that covers 99.8% of the area within the region.

To facilitate regional coordination and resiliency the staff has served in the following organizations; Coastal Bend Emergency Manager’s Association, Emergency Manager’s Association of Texas, South Texas Coastal Zone Area Committee, Area Maritime Security Committee, Nueces County Fire Chief’s Association, Port Security Working Group, South Texas Coastal Bend Fire Officer’s Association, Coastal Bend Texas VOAD, Coastal Bend Healthcare Coalition, Coastal Bend Regional Advisory Council, Coastal Plain LEPC, Region 53 700 and 800MHz RPC, TxICC, Nueces County Corpus Christi LEPC, Coastal Bend Multi Agency Coordination Center, and numerous ad hoc committees/groups.

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Homeland Security Coordinator - RJ Thomas
RJ Thomas

Director of Emergency Preparedness for the Coastal Bend Council of Governments, Managing the Homeland Security Program RJ Thomas has been involved with Emergency Response for over 30 years. He has developed plans, procedure and projects in emergency response for the US Military and Local Governments. CBMACC Manager, and Life Member of the Ingleside Fire Department.

He serves as the Chairman of the Coastal Bend Emergency Manager Association, South Central District Firefighter Association, Coastal Bend Texas VOAD, and The Homeland Security Association of Texas. He is a participant in many other organizations.  40+ year fire service and emergency management career. Coastal Bend Council of Government in Corpus Christi, Texas

Criminal Justice/Homeland Security Planner - Luci Rios
Luci Rios

Ms. Rios has served local government for 19 years. She has a dual role with the Coastal Bend Council of Governments (CBCOG). She is the Criminal Justice Program Coordinator and Emergency Management (EM) Planner. Her primary duties as EM Planner is to assist staff with duties contracted with the Office of the Governor, Public Safety Office, Homeland Security Grants Division, coordination and development of planning, training and exercise activities, assist in administering the CBCOG Homeland Security Grant Program, development, and updating of regional plans, and assist local jurisdictions with local emergency management plans.

Ms. Rios is a participant/member of the Coastal Bend Emergency Manager Association, Coastal Bend Multi-Agency Coordination Center, Emergency Management Association of Texas, and multiple local emergency planning/response committees.