A Sidewalk Buttler (cigarette butt receptacle) located in Ingleside, Texas.

In fiscal year 2019, the Council administered Regional Solid Waste Grants Program funds for three Council of Governments Managed-Projects (CMP). The first was to conduct regional local enforcement training programs and the second was to continue providing pharmaceutical waste collection locations in the region. And the third program was a Pilot Project of 100 Sidewalk Buttlers® in the region. 

Sidewalk Buttlers® are made in Portland, Maine and are used for the sanitary collection of cigarette butts. Although small, cigarette butts are one of the smallest pieces of litter found worldwide. Cigarette butts are stinky, they pile up along street curbs, sidewalks, flower beds and shrubbery and they contain more than 4,000 toxins. 
Discarded cigarette butts make up over 1⁄2 of all litter on streets and in waterways. Approximately 5.6 trillion cigarette are smoked each year. The waste from all of the smoked cigarettes constitutes an estimated 30% of the total litter (by count) on U.S. shorelines, waterways and on land. For over 30 years cigarette butts have been the most found piece of trash in all world oceans posing a threat to wildlife and water quality. 

Sidewalk Buttlers® are offered to the CBCOG region’s communities free of charge. They are small in size and shape and easy to mount to an existing pole or post. The Sidewalk Buttlers are rust resistant, fire and weather proof. They can be emptied in 7 seconds without ever touching a butt.