The impact from the extreme cold during the week of February 15, 2021 will reverberate for months.  FEMA and other agencies will be allocating recovery monies to those hit the hardest.  Our region MUST convey the damages we've incurred or risk being left in the cold when funding is released.  This is particularly true for rural areas. 

Please complete the survey from TDEM (Texas Division of Emergency Management).  The link is here: 

Some things to note:

  • This is not an application for relief. It is an assessment of impact. Please encourage people to fill this out even if they will use insurance to fix damages, or decide not to fix the damages.  
  • The survey requires photographs of impact.  Photo may include broken or leaking pipes, water damage, fire damage or other result of the event.
  • For those who are not comfortable online, they may have someone fill out the survey on their behalf
  • One of the questions will ask if the structure is inhabitable.  Just because someone lives there, does not make the structure a safe structure.  Consider if the structure could change owners or residents without major repairs.  If not, then it is not "inhabitable". 

  Thank you for ensuring that the Coastal Bend has a fair shot at recovery opportunities!