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A Partnership of the Coastal Bend Council of Governments & TAMUCC


The Regional Resilience Partnership (RRP) builds the capacity of communities to strengthen resilience and mitigate disaster risk. Initiated following Hurricane Harvey, which caused widespread destruction throughout the Coastal Bend, RRP focuses on the 11 counties encompassing the South Texas Coastal Bend region, though we encourage broader collaboration with Texas and Gulf of Mexico communities. (See RRP one-pager below)

RRP is administered by the Harte Research Institute (HRI) for Gulf of Mexico Studies at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi and the Coastal Bend Council of Governments (CBCOG). We envision communities in the region being resilient to natural disaster events and environmental change, becoming leaders in advancing innovative yet grounded solutions.

RRP offers the following services to its partners and stakeholders:

  • Weekly RRP-News email listserv with training and funding announcements (sign up at RRP@tamucc.edu)
  • Targeted training sessions on recovery, mitigation and resilience
  • Direct technical support and guidance to local partners on implementing recovery, resilience and risk mitigation measures

As part of the MOU agreement between the CBCOG and TAMUCC, RRP also pursues funding to help communities build capacity and reach local to regional resilience goals.

We invite additional partners to join us. Stakeholders and community organizations we are looking to partner with include: ISDs, chambers of commerce, non-profit organizations, churches, public health entities, industry partners, economic development corporations, higher education institutions, workforce, and state and federal partners. 

For more information and to partner with RRP, please contact:

Emily Martinez, Director of Regional Economic Development, CBCOG: emily@coastalbendcog.org

Dr. Katya Wowk, Director, Texas OneGulf & Senior Research Scientist, HRI: katya.wowk@tamucc.edu


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